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Climate Geoengineering Governance

The Royal Society defines geoengineering as “deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment to counteract anthropogenic climate change”.This project addresses the governance challenges from various geoengineering options.

Research will cover five world regions, and actively engage stakeholders. It will employ questionnaires, interviews, literature and web reviews, and scenario workshops. Its themes are:

  • Framings of Geoengineering. How is geoengineering framed in social, technical and legal terms? What can we learn from other emerging technologies, or from attempts to manage the financial system? What conceptions of justice and fairness and what current laws and treaties might apply?
  • Dilemmas of Control of Geoengineering Technologies. What are the particular challenges - in assessing benefits and risks, in public acceptability, in the risks of lock-in and path dependency, in avoiding over-optimistic costings, in dealing with uncertainty, and in international relations - and what solutions are there?
  • Choosing Governance and Regulatory Requirements. How would governance and regulatory arrangements work? Can they be made sensitive and adaptive? What new rulemaking and procedural harmonisation would be required, and could the buy-in of various interests be secured? Finally, what wider lessons can we learn for technology assessment and governance, and what further research is needed?
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