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Environmental assessment and disaster events

The cyclical relationship between environmental degradation and disaster events, in which environmental degradation is often both a cause and an effect of disasters, has meant that the role of environmental management in reducing the risk of disasters has increasingly been recognised. One tool that has come to prominence in thinking in the disaster management field in the last few years is environmental assessment (EA), which could contribute to meeting associated objectives both, before and following disaster events. However, to date, the use of EA to reduce disaster risk has not been widely researched, or indeed, been widely implemented in practice.

This seminar will bring together environmental assessment and disaster researchers and practitioners from the UK and Japan, to firstly raise awareness of the topic, and secondly to provide a platform on which experiences can be shared, dialogue can be built and new insights can be gained. The international dimension is seen as an essential component of this in order to draw on wide ranging experiences of EA and in dealing with disaster issues, the UK and Japan both having significant and unique experiences in these areas and both are countries that could benefit directly from developments in this area.