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Citizenship After the Nation State (CANS)

Citizenship After the Nation State (CANS) examines the multilevel nature of citizenship:

  • the ways that individuals define communities of solidarity at different territorial scales (local, regional, state and continental)
  • the perceived importance of government decisions or citizen participation at different levels of government
  • the conditions under which regional or supra-state communities become important scales of citizenship for individuals that might rival that of the state as the 'natural' site of citizenship.

The research engages with debates in the UK and elsewhere about the impact of devolution on policy variation and political participation.

CANS will test the impact of variables such as regional  identities, government structures and economic strength on multi-level citizenship, that is whether stronger regional identity, or more powerful regional institutions, or stronger economic performance in a region make citizens more likely to identify with a regional community of solidarity or to participate in regional politics.

The network extends an existing partnership across five states (Austria, France, Germany, Spain, UK), bringing in new partners from Belgium, Canada, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden and the US to share expertise with view to developing funding applications for major crossnational surveys of multilevel citizenship, creating an unprecedented data resource for students and researchers.