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Unintended gender consequences: EU politics and politics in practice

The network brings together some of the leading scholars in political science, European studies, law, and international relations.The main aim of this interdisciplinary network is to produce a shift in the way in which we understand the interaction between gender, social norms and public policy development.The network will develop new and innovative ways of understanding the indirect consequences of European policy on domestic gender regimes and gender relations.The analysis of gender and associated norms provides a useful starting point for an exploration of intended and unintended consequences as a wider framework for public policy analysis.

This analysis is timely, as policy markers are increasingly moving away from a gender centred approach to equality to a more general focus on inequalities and social exclusion. The main aim of the network is therefore to expand the reach of current debates about intentionality in the articulation of political strategies and policy objectives. In particular, it seeks to develop further ongoing critiques of gender mainstreaming as a political strategy and policy tool for a re-articulation of the dominant gender order in Europe.

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