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Ageing and poverty: the working lives of older people in India

This follow-on project builds on research into old age livelihoods and urban poverty in the south Indian city of Chennai (2007-10). The research found that older people make significant contributions to the local and global economy through their paid and unpaid work and through their filling of economic niches that younger people vacate in favour of more direct engagement in the global economy. Yet older people's work is disregarded through uninformed policy and planning; exposing older people to policy shifts that can threaten their livelihoods and undermine their rights as workers and their right to development under the UN Convention on the Right to Development. This follow-on project will update research on recent developments in older people’s livelihoods. The findings will be disseminated in easily accessible formats that will spur a widespread public debate on policy with a view to building a broad campaign to safeguard livelihood rights in old age. To do this a project team, comprising academics and campaigners for old age and social justice, will develop a range of materials that will be circulated to policy makers, opinion shapers, civil society organisations, United Nations agencies and the public.

Ageing Rights

Creator: Penny Vera-Sanso Date: 12 November 2013 Website