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Introducing a novel research based tool in teaching psychology in the A levels

  • Start date: 28 June 2012
  • End date: 15 February 2013

PsyToolkit is a professional software package used in psychological research. It is  used for designing, programming, and running psychological experiments typical in experimental cognitive psychology (eg, the study of memory, perception, attention). Now, we aim to use this software in teaching psychology at A-level.

Currently, A-level teachers have little access to software with the functionality of
PsyToolkit. We aim to reach the potential audience of psychology teachers in secondary education.

This project will likely be attractive internationally and in higher education as well. We will set up a web server providing an on-line version of the software which students and teachers will be able to use free of cost, as well as extensive online documentation. After the grant is over, the service will continue. As part of this, we will also explore user feedback to improve the service over time.