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UK Census Longitudinal Study Development Hub

  • Start date: 01 August 2012
  • End date: 31 July 2017

In response to a recent independent evaluation of the ESRC Census Programme, a new UK Census Longitudinal Study Development Hub is being commissioned to co-ordinate and harmonise the work of the three Research Support Units supporting the England and Wales Longitudinal Study, Scottish Longitudinal Study and Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study.

The Hub also has a key objective of working towards the development of a single UK-wide Longitudinal Study (UKLS).

The Development Hub will have 9 core aims and objectives, namely to:

  1. actively take steps to drive forward the ambition of a UK Longitudinal Study
  2. promote the impact of the Census Longitudinal Studies
  3. deliver a single portal function to the Census Longitudinal Studies
  4. harmonise online tools, documentation and guidance, where possible
  5. deliver a single helpdesk for responding to generic queries
  6. plan and co-ordinate training and outreach activities
  7. engage with other related organisations in the UK and overseas to stimulate the most efficient delivery of the service
  8. develop and maintain a distinctive identity of the service, in collaboration with the UK Data Service
  9. establish and manage a Scientific Advisory Network.