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New cultural contradictions in modern consumer societies: A political economy perspective using multi-level analysis

  • Start date: 01 October 2012
  • End date: 30 September 2015

Researchers have long been interested in promoting the social and economic arrangements for human welfare. As our societies become more complex, the challenges we face appear more profound forcing us to rethink our ideas about how we live our lives, our lifestyles and the impacts of our lifestyle choices on others around us.

This international research project will investigate patterns of household consumption and social impacts within modern consumer societies like the UK. The research will examine and report on the distribution of living standards and conditions within and between countries. In this research, disparities within and between societies, and ethical and global justice issues, come to the fore. The recognition of the need to use our resources better and more fairly, connects with the changing discourse of sustainable social justice.

The findings from this research will feed directly into policy deliberations inside and outside government, including discussion about household consumption, household green emissions and household energy consumption in modern consumer societies and the social impacts on living standards, and the environment.