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Understanding and Developing Inclusive Practices in Schools

Grant reference: L139251001

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TLRP: Sociocultural Psychology and Activity Theory: new paradigms to inform the practice of educational psychology
This issue of Educational and Child Psychology presents a series of articles that have in common a broad theoretical approach that is gaining popularity both in the UK and worldwide. Sociocultural psychology and activity theory are rooted in Vygotskian and post-Vygotskian psychology and as such should be familiar ground for most practising psychologists. However, recent developments, particularly over the past twenty years, have largely been ignored by the community of psychologists and the area of study has been avidly theorised and applied by others from related fields of sociology, linguistics, political theory and many others. Through focusing attention on the domain of sociocultural psychology and cultural- historical activity theory, we hope to achieve a number of aims. First we hope to provide an introduction and overview for readers who are unfamiliar with the topic and who perhaps wish to consider other perspectives that deal with complex human actions and human systems. Secondly, we hope to stimulate thinking and debate within applied psychology and other allied professions about alternative paradigms for viewing and understanding human thinking and behaviour. Finally we hope to encourage others to explore this area by demonstrating its applicability in a number of settings and contexts. ISBN 1 85433 415 8
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Author J Leadbetter

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