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Understanding and Developing Inclusive Practices in Schools

Grant reference: L139251001

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TLRP: Inclusive education in the globalization age. The promise of comparative cultural-historical analysis
In this chapter, the authors explore a tension that is at the heart of all attempts to trace international ‘movements’ in education. On the one hand, such movements are recognizable as international precisely because different national systems begin to show similar features at the same time. On the other hand, whenever these apparent similarities are examined in detail, they tend to dissolve into the local forms and practices that characterize different national contexts. Inclusive education clearly is one such international movement, contributing, as it does, a significant dimension to the education policies of countries across the world. The authors state that the question of whether inclusive education is best understood as a global or a local phenomenon cannot be separated from the location of that phenomenon at a particular historical moment. This chapter explores inclusive education in the globalization age and describes an approach to a comparative-historical analysis of the topic.
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