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Improving Incentives to Learning in the Workplace

Grant reference: L139251005

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TLRP: Theee dimensions of teachers' learning, Briefing Paper 1
Improving the quality of teacher learning requires a clear understanding about how teachers currently learn. This Project will contribute to that understanding. It is part of the research network: Improving Incentives to Learning in the Workplace, which is, in turn, part of the ESRC's Teaching and Learning Research Programme. In this study, we are investigating the learning of teachers in four departments, in two different secondary schools. Data is collected from interviews with all teachers in the departments and other relevant personnel, from observations, informal conversations and official and semi-official documentation. There will be three cycles of data collection, over two years. This Briefing Paper draws upon the first round of data collection, when we spent one term in School A, and one term in School B. In the analysis of that data, it became apparent that teacher learning is complex and multi-faceted. Key aspects of it are difficult to identify clearly because, as with other work-based learning, much learning takes place at a tacit level. There are formal learning opportunities but in addition teachers often learn without consciously thinking about it, and often find it hard to express in words exactly what has been learned, or more particularly how it was learned. It is clear from our data also that much teacher learning cannot be separated from the on-going practice of teaching. The problem is how to enhance and improve these many and complex learning processes. Here, we set out three key dimensions of teacher learning, which are emerging in the research: different types of teacher learning; departmental cultures; and individual dispositions to learning.
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Author H Hodkinson

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