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Improving Incentives to Learning in the Workplace

Grant reference: L139251005

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Conceptualising secondary school teachers' workplace learning
Though there are several rival theoretical positions about learning in the workplace, there is wide agreement that it is complex. Based upon an on-going research study of the workplace learning of secondary school teachers, we argue that none of these rival theories fully captures that complexity, and that they are each best at explaining some aspects of workplace learning, rather than the whole. We illustrate that point through the heuristic use of a typology of learning, based on two intersecting continua. We go on to suggest that this model is itself insufficient, and tentatively suggest that workplace learning involves the complex interactions between types of learning, the dispositions towards learning of individual workers, the organisational context in which work/learning takes place, and the macro social, cultural, economic and political context of individuals, communities and organisations

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Author H Hodkinson

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Author P M Hodkinson

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British Educational Research Association, Conference
01 January 2001