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The Role of Awareness in Teaching and Learning of Literacy and Numeracy in Key Stage 2

Grant reference: L139251015

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Transforming research on morphology into teacher practice
Transforming research evidence into teacher practice is difficult. Indeed it has been argued that educational research is not very useful to teachers. In this paper, the authors explore teacher knowledge about a relatively new area of research concerning the role morphemes play in spelling, and seek to transform their practice. Then, the authors finding is that although reference to morphology is beginning to be made in English policy documents, teachers make limited use of morphology in their practice. After attending a course on the role of morphemes in spelling, teachers' own awareness of morphology increased and this was reflected in their practice. This in turn caused their pupils to make significant gains in spelling, compared to a control group. Thus, this reinforces the proposition that explicit instruction about morphemes is helpful to children's learning. It demonstrates the fact that research can be transformed into teacher practice, but it also illustrates the difficulties. Policy documentation alone is insufficient. Professional development can produce change but this may be hard to sustain. Children's gains are contingent on teachers continuing to dedicate class time to focused intervention.
Original Document

Primary contributor

Author Jane Hurry

Additional contributors

Co-author Terezinha Nunes
Co-author Peter Bryant
Co-author Ursula Pretzlik
Co-author Mary Parker
Co-author Tamsin Curno
Co-author Lucinda Midgley

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Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
01 June 2005
Research papers in education

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Hurry, Jane et al (2005) Transforming research on morphology into teacher practice. Research papers in education. 20 (2), pp. 187-206 Abingdon: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.


Hurry Jane et al. Transforming research on morphology into teacher practice. Research papers in education 2005; 20 (2): 187-206.