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The Role of Awareness in Teaching and Learning of Literacy and Numeracy in Key Stage 2

Grant reference: L139251015

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TLRP: Discovering the secrets of words: Literacy CD 2
The aim of this CD is to promote pupils’ thinking and talking about words. Through these activities, pupils engage in analysing words into units of meaning and classifying them in semantic groups. Ideally pupils should work in pairs or small groups, taking turns to present their answers to the class. They enjoy using acetates to do so and practice speaking skills in this process. From Year 3 on, it is appropriate to focus also on the spelling of terms and affixes. These activities are effective in improving pupils’ performance in vocabulary and spelling tasks and their ability to define words. They were designed for use in the classroom with support of a computer and projector. Each session has its own presentation, some with worksheets.
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