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Transforming Learning Cultures in Further Education

Grant reference: L139251025

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TLRP: Learning cultures in Further Education
This paper examines the nature of learning cultures in English Further Education (FE), as revealed in the Transforming Learning Cultures in FE (TLC) research project. In it, we describe four characteristics of a generic FE learning culture: the significance of learning cultures in every site; the significance of the tutor in influencing site learning cultures; the often negative impact of policy and management approaches; and the ever-present issue of course status. We go on to different types of learning cultures within FE related to the degrees of synergy and conflict between the multiple influences on learning in those sites. In general, sites with greater synergy have more effective learning, pointing to valuable new ways to further improve learning. However, such synergy is sometimes difficult to achieve, and brings further problems in its train. It is important to separate out judgments about learning effectiveness, from equally important ones about learning value. The conceptions of the latter varied from site to site, and were often contested.
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Author P Hodkinson

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