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Transforming Learning Cultures in Further Education

Grant reference: L139251025

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TLRP: An analysis of change in learning sites in four further education colleges in England
The 'Transforming Learning Cultures in FE' project (TLC(FE)) is currently exploring cultures of learning within the FE sector by looking in detail at, initially, 16 learning sites - four in each of four colleges in England. General details of the project, and of the four partner colleges can be obtained from the project website located at The sites included in the project were not intended to be a representative sample of the range of activity that is common in FE. There were, for example, no sites that were concerned with the higher education provision, which is a feature of some FE college work. However, the range of sites was wide. The sites varied on a number of dimensions such as the level of the target qualification (some were, for example, concerned with A-level, AVCE, or BTEC Higher National Diploma, whereas others were concerned with personal support for IT skills or English language support), mode of attendance (eg some were full time, some part time), length of study (some were short roll-on/roll-off sites where the period of study was negotiated between student and tutor, some were one year, and some two year programmes), location of learning (eg classroom or workplace or distance learning), student profile and tutor profile. For further details of all the sites, see Appendix 3 and James, (2004).
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