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Improving the Effectiveness of Pupil Groups in Classrooms

Grant reference: L139251046

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TLRP: An extended review of pupil grouping in schools. Research Report 688
This extended review of the literature on pupil grouping includes an analysis and synthesis of current and yet to be published research to identify types of grouping suited to particular pupils, the range of organisational policies regarding pupil grouping within schools that are related to different levels of performance and subjects suited to particular types of grouping. The review also considers how type of grouping may affect pupil learning and how the transition from primary to secondary school may be affected by various pupil groupings. This review of the literature draws upon studies undertaken in primary and secondary schools. The literature review draws together school-based information on ‘organisational’ and ‘within-class’ grouping of pupils, as well as theoretical background and practical implementation issues. The methodology adopted used systematic procedures that include electronic and hand searching, mapping the research territory and quality-assuring the studies. This review identifies issues in the study of grouping, theories underlying grouping initiatives, the role of grouping practices in school transfer and the importance of teaching pupils to work in groups.
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Author P Kutnick

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