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Interactive Education: Teaching and Learning in the Information Age

Grant reference: L139251060

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TLRP: Affordance, opportunity and the pedagogical implications of ICT
This paper provides a brief overview of the InterActive Education Project and an introduction to the special issue Educational Review 57(4). The overall aim of the project was to examine the ways in which ICT can be used in educational settings to enhance teaching and learning. Learning with ICT was examined at both the level of learner and classroom, and the learner in outside school settings. The project centred around developing research partnerships between teachers, teacher educators and researchers in order to design researchable learning environments which were supported by research on teaching and learning. Partnerships were established with ten institutions (one further education college, five secondary schools and four primary schools). Within this paper the authors argue that it is the relationship between the pedagogy within a subject area (the practice in the setting), the subject domain and its culture (the ecology of the setting) and the technology (the tool within the setting) that is crucial to engendering quality learning.
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