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Interactive Education: Teaching and Learning in the Information Age

Grant reference: L139251060

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TLRP: ICT in the classroom: the pedagogical challenge of respatialisation and reregulation
In this chapter we connect conceptions of space and time with current educational change. Specifically we are concerned with posing the questions of whether and in what ways, and with what consequences, the new digital modes of learning—with their particular spatial and temporal features and capabilities—destabilise and decentre the existing ‘orderings’ of classroom practices and alter the conditions for pupil and teacher learning? These questions have arisen for us in a research project we are engaged in on new technologies and learning—an ESRC/TLRP funded project InterActive Education: Teaching and Learning in the Information Age. In this project, when we have returned to view the video data and review the teacher and pupil interviews, we have been continually struck by the complex ways in which the new digital technologies seem to have larger effects on the learning environment which, in turn, seem to alter what it is that pupils and teachers are doing and learning in classrooms.
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