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Enhancing Teaching-Learning Environments in Undergraduate Courses

Grant reference: L139251099

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TLRP: Teaching and learning in diverse university settings: analytic frameworks for integrating different data sources
This paper describes progress on the TLRP project on “Enhancing teaching-learning environments in undergraduate courses”. The project is concentrating on differences and similarities that exist in the teaching-learning environments provided in mainly first and final unit course units in four contrasting subject areas and across the different settings provided in departments within those subjects. We have been collaborating with 17 departments across 15 universities and one college. The data involves documentary material on courses, telephone and face-to-face interviews with staff, questionnaires given to students at the beginning and end of their course units, and group interviews with students. During the first year of the collaboration, analyses of baseline data enabled us to discuss with staff possible collaborative initiatives to enhance particular aspects of the course units, with these initiatives being monitored and evaluated during the second year. Within each subject area, we are currently bringing together qualitative and quantitative analyses to try to understand the relationships between the nature and aims of the subject areas and the methods of teaching, assessment and support provided in the contrasting settings. This paper will discuss analytic frameworks that are currently being developed to achieve this purpose.
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