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Enhancing Teaching-Learning Environments in Undergraduate Courses

Grant reference: L139251099

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TLRP: Investigating ways in enhancing university teaching-learning environments: Measuring students’ approaches to studying and perceptions of teaching (Chapter 6)
This chapter describes the early stages of a research into “Enhancing teaching-learning environments in undergraduate courses” (the ETL project). Within the ETL project, the intention is to work with colleagues in university departments to discuss ways in which findings from research can help to create more powerful learning environments for students. We take the term “powerful learning environment” to refer not to any predetermined set of characteristics. Rather it describes designs of the curriculum, and arrangements for teaching and learning, that are found to maximise the overall engagement of students in specific settings. While research findings can be used to suggest generic features to act as guidelines for setting up teaching-learning environments, in higher education the marked differences across subject areas and university contexts (including contrasting student intakes) suggest systematic differences in the nature of powerful learning environments. Those differences represent the main focus of our investigation.
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