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Enhancing Teaching-Learning Environments in Undergraduate Courses

Grant reference: L139251099

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TLRP: Approaches to Studying and Perceptions of University Teaching-Learning Environments: Concepts, Measures and Preliminary Findings
This paper introduces work on a major ongoing research project being carried out collaboratively between Edinburgh, Durham and Coventry Universities in Britain. The main concepts and conceptual frameworks being used in the project are introduced, along with a brief summary of a literature review used to define the most salient aspects of teachinglearning environments in higher education. The remainder of the paper describes the development and initial analyses of two questionnaires completed by students. The first of these – the Learning and Studying Questionnaire – given towards the beginning of a course unit, covers students’ learning orientations and their reasons for studying that unit, and also contains an inventory assessing typical approaches to learning and studying. The second questionnaire, the Experiences of Teaching and Learning Questionnaire, completed towards the end of the unit, contains a short version of the inventory but focused specifically on the unit being studied. The main section of this questionnaire concerns students’ perceptions of the teachinglearning environment. It also asks about the demands made by the unit, and what students believe they have learned from it. Finally, students are asked to rate their academic progress; assessment grades are being subsequently collected from the institutions involved. Analyses of the initial data sets obtained have identified the main factors within the items concerned with students’ perceptions of teaching-learning environments and indicate the relationships that exist between these and their reported approaches to studying.
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