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Enhancing Teaching-Learning Environments in Undergraduate Courses

Grant reference: L139251099

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TLRP: Promoting High-Quality Learning: Perspectives from the ETL Project
This presentation will consider the implications of findings from a UK-wide research project, for understanding how high-quality learning may be encouraged in higher education. The aim of the Enhancing Teaching- Learning Environments (ETL) project is to develop conceptual frameworks and analytic tools to guide the development of teaching-learning environments. Some of these outputs will be tailored to specific subject areas, whereas other will have broader applicability. The project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council as part of the UK-wide Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP). The programme as a whole is intended to strengthen the research base informing the quality of teaching and learning in the UK. The ETL project began in January 2001 and is due to finish in March 2005. The ETL team are working collaboratively with 13 partner departments in four contrasting subject areas: biosciences, economics, electronic engineering and history 1 . The departments have been chosen to provide good coverage of academic disciplines and professional areas and a variety of traditional and innovative teaching-learning environments. The ETL researchers have been helping course teams to enhance their understanding of their studentsÕ perceptions of one or two course units, or modules, in each partner department (giving a total of 27 course units). On the basis of initial findings in each setting, as well as existing conceptual frameworks, the ETL team and their partners have been identifying ways in which high-quality learning might be further encouraged in a given course unit. The project also involves evaluation of the impact of any changes agreed. Considerable progress has already been made in our work with departmental partners and in developing and refining relevant conceptual frameworks. The qualitative data which we have collected, via interviews with staff and students, has allowed rich insights into the contexts under study. Two questionnaires have also been developed; these are available on our web site at: Our analyses to date suggest that the questionnaires also provide useful perspectives on studentsÕ learning and on their perceptions of their teaching-learning environments, particularly when used in conjunction with the qualitative data. In addition to the emerging frameworks and tools, the experience of working with such a wide range of departments has provided valuable insights into the complexities of promoting high-quality learning in pressured and evolving Higher education contexts. [This paper was later published as 'A fremme hoykvalitetslaering: Perspektiver fra ETL-prosjektet in UNIPED 27(2) pp.4-25 (2004)]
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Author V McCune

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