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The Europeanization of Citizenship through Education: Politics and Policymaking in Ireland

This project explores the transformation of citizenship education policy in the context of European integration, focusing in particular on the mechanisms and mediation of European influence in the national educational arena, and the implications for national and European constructs of citizenship.

The project draws on an empirical study of citizenship education policy in European and Irish institutions, in which interview and documentary data from both the national and European arenas were analysed using a constructivist methodology and qualitative (thematic and discourse) analysis methods. This analysis was framed by theoretical insights from the sociology of education policy, the political philosophy of citizenship, and institutionalist theories of Europeanisation.

The study highlights the growing competency and complexity of European educational governance, and how European education policy is negotiated across multiple levels. In addition, it suggests that European citizenship education has evolved from a national to a post national model of citizenship education.

Finally, this study also highlights the ways in which European education policies are mediated and re-framed by national institutions. Curricular reforms in Ireland indicate that European citizenship can be accommodated in national citizenship education policies, but in so doing, European citizenship is re-shaped and interwoven with national citizenship.