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Secularism, Islam and British security politics, 2001-2010

Since September 11th the experience of secularisation within the modern West has had global repurcussions. Western secularisation has provided a rallying point for radical Islamists keen to destroy what they see as moral corruption in the West and throughout the Muslim world.

The experience of secularisation has also made it difficult for many Westerners to understand why radical Islamism has claimed so many followers, some willing to make the ultimate sacrafice in pursuit of political aims. Using the United Kingdom's experiences (particularly in Iraq and at home) as an in-depth case study, this project explores how that the experience of secularisation in the late modern West has both confused policymakers charged with waging "wars on terror" and enabled some suprising moments of clarity. Comparing the British case to other Western countries, it asks what factors have made the difference between successful engagement and authoritarian mistakes.

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