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Governing Emerging Biotechnologies: Social Values and Stem Cell Research Regulation in Argentina

Within the context of a case study on the regulation of biotechnology in Argentina, with special emphasis on the governance of stem cells from sourcing to storing to commercialising research outputs, this Project examines how social and ethical values are, and can be, translated into legal rules (themselves deployed as social shaping tools insofar as they guide/promote socially significant research).  It will examine the conduct and motivating values of Argentine stakeholders as they struggle with the moral and other controversies surrounding these regulatory subjects and endeavour to formulate socially acceptable regulatory structures applicable thereto.  Objectives include mapping the most salient features of the social/moral/legal debates, developing dialogues with stakeholders to reveal the multiple goals envisioned for regulation, and contributing to the debate surrounding and formulation of value-sensitive regulatory models.  It is expected that the Project will (1) highlight the importance of values to the legitimacy and quality of regulation, (2) explore those values with individuals operating in this arena, and (3) identify opportunities to translate values into effective regulation within this developing economy.  However, given that Argentina has ambitions to become a regional leader, both scientifically and regulatorily, findings and benefits may not be limited to Argentina.