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Constituency Campaigning in the 2008/9/10 General Election

Building on previous campaign studies dating back to 1992, this study will examine constituency campaigning at the next British General Election. It will provide not only a continuation of a valuable time series, but also a programme of innovation that will further our understanding of the role, impact and nature of campaigns in the modern political arena

 The study will provide an empirically based account of the style and intensity of constituency campaigning in the election; investigate the role of the parties' central organisations in planning and managing constituency campaigns; analyse the extent to which constituency campaigns involve traditional party members as well as party supporters; and investigate the electoral effects (both short and long-term) of constituency campaigning in a new electoral context.

 The core of the proposed study is a questionnaire survey of the election agents of the three major parties and two national parties. It will be complemented by a series of semi-structured interviews with party officials of all five principal parties as well as semi-structured interviews with representatives of the main political competitors in a sample of seven constituencies.