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Policing a plurality of worlds: The Nigeria Police in metropolitan Kano, northern Nigeria

This project investigates the interface between state-based, state-sponsored and traditional forms of policing in metropolitan Kano, the biggest city in both Kano state and Nigeria's Islamic north. Prompted by the multiple religious and secular norms, structures and processes shaping the provision of security and justice in Kano, the research is organised around the activities of the Nigeria Police, and the working relationships it must develop with the state-sponsored Islamic militia known as Hisba, and with the Emir of Kano's court.

Based on eight week's fieldwork in Kano, this five-month project considers the ways in which urban policing has evolved as a form of conflict management in the aftermath of the communal violence accompanying the introduction of

Shari'a law in 2000, and what this means for both the regular Nigeria Police and the paramilitary Police Mobile Force. Additionally, it addresses the relationship between secular and religious notions of security and justice, while considering the broader implications of donor attempts to reconfigure local policing styles and relationships.

The project identifies the implications of its findings for organisations (such as DFID) wishing to affect the Nigeria Police's values, culture and procedures.

Policing Kano

Author: A. Hills Date: 19 February 2012 Presentation/lecture