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Judicial Legitimacy and Authority of Supranational Human Rights Courts: A Comparative Analysis of the Perception of the European Court of Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights is the most powerful international adjudicatory institution in the field of human rights, with its judgments affecting around 800 million people. But how are these judgments perceived by law-makers and judges domestically? Why do individuals take their cases to Strasbourg? Dr Basak Cali of UCL is undertaking a three-year research project to answer this. Dr Cali's research will aim to understand the reception of the European Court of Human Rights as a supranational human rights court. To this end, the research will carry out a comparative and cross-sectional analysis of the perception of the European Court of Human Rights in five different political and legal contexts with high profile human rights cases: the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Turkey and Bulgaria. Constitutional or apex court judges, human rights litigators/applicants and members of parliament will be interviewed in these five countries. The data that will emerge will assist in understanding the underlying reasons about why individuals litigate cases before the European Court of Human Rights and how the judgments are implemented. The outcomes of the research will evaluate the political and legal standing of supra-state human rights courts vis-à-vis states in contemporary world politics.