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Life chances and living standards across the new Europe

Grant reference: RES-062-23-1455

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Inequality, growth and mobility : the inter-temporal distribution of income in European countries 2003-2007
This paper exploits longitudinal EU-SILC data 2003–2007 to describe the inter-temporal distribution of income in twenty-six European countries. We document levels, inequality and progressivity in the distribution of year-on-year income gains and losses and examine the consequences of these on inequality and poverty when, in contrast to the standard cross-section approach, incomes are aggregated over more than one year. The key observation is that new Member States have typically seen incomes grow faster than other countries, and inequality of gains has not necessarily been larger. However, on this last point, experiences have been diverse. Overall, over the short time span we are able to look at, income mobility makes little to reduce inequality of aggregated incomes. Furthermore potential issues about cross-country comparability of the data and the short period under consideration call for caution in interpreting our results.

Primary contributor

Author Philippe Van Kerm

Additional contributors

Co-author Maria Noel Pi Alperin

Additional details

Philippe Van Kerm was a visiting associate to the ALICE project. Note that ALICE made only a partial contribution to this paper, mainly in the form of supplying STATA code containing cleaned and temporally-adjusted income variables to the authors.
09 February 2012
Eurostat methodology and working paper