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Intellectual Leadership of knowledge exchange in 'big science' research networks

This project will investigate the ways in which intellectual leadership is exercised in the creation and dissemination of knowledge within one 'big science' project. The non-heirarchical, cross-disciplinary, multi-agency and networked nature of the ATLAS particle physics experiment at CERN provides a rare opportunity to investigate 'new' modes of leadership. Far from being idiosyncratic, this research site is quite likely to be proto-typical of many emerging organisations in the knowledge-based economy. Insights gained from this study therefore have immediate application to all universities, research institutions, innovation spin-offs/spill-overs and regional development agencies concerned about the generation and exploitation of strategic knowledge and the leadership strategies required to achieve this.

 The research has two specific objectives:

  1. To create tools for mapping and analysing social capital, namely cognitive (or knowledge assets), structural and relational capital in knowledge based organisations. Based on interviews and focus groups, diagnostic tools will be designed to identify dimensions of intellectual leadership.
  2. To draw upon sense-making accounts to explore more fully the way intellectual leadership is articulated, enacted and experienced by scientists participating in the collaborative experiment.