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The social process of everyday decision-making by people with dementia and their spouses.

Grant reference: RES-062-23-2038

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Decide for yourself! : a guide to making decisions for people with memory problems or dementia and their families
This guide focuses on everyday life and the sorts of routine decisions we make on a daily basis - such as what shopping is needed and what bills to pay. We all find it difficult to make decisions at times, as it is not always clear what to do. If you have memory problems or dementia, you may also find it difficult to make decisions at times. Getting a bit of advice from those ‘in the know’ makes it easier for all of us to make decisions. So, the aim of this guide is to tell you how other families manage and to pass on their experiences. The guide is based on research we carried out with couples living with dementia – they told us their stories and gave suggestions for making life easier.

Primary contributor

Author Geraldine Boyle

Additional contributors

Co-author Katherine Ludwin

Additional details

This is a practical guide to everyday decision-making for people with memory problems or dementia and their families (the guide includes text and pictures for easy reference). The guide is available in English, Urdu and Polish versions.
01 May 2012


Boyle_decide2.pdf (.pdf / 1071kb)

Boyle_decide4.pdf (.pdf / 893kb)

Boyle_decide.pdf (.pdf / 808kb)

Boyle_decide3.pdf (.pdf / 891kb)