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Globalisation and New Religious Movements. Kabbalah Centres in Britain, France, Israel and Brazil.

Grant reference: RES-063-27-0041-A

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From yoga to kabbalah : understanding religious exoticism
The popularisation of yoga and meditation, public curiosity about shamanism and the recent craze for kabbalah all demonstrate the rising appeal of these religious resources in western contemporary societies. However, religious exoticism as such has never been sociologically investigated. We don’t yet know why and how westerners have become fascinated by ‘exotic’ religious traditions or what kind of role these religious resources play in their lives. More broadly, we need to discover how such religious ideas and practices are transformed by their global dissemination and what the spread of religious exoticism tells us about contemporary western society. The aim of this book is to directly answer these questions by drawing on research I have undertaken among Hindu-based movements in France and Britain since the mid-1990s, and more recently on the Kabbalah Centre in France, Britain, Brazil and Israel.

Primary contributor

Author Veronique Altglas

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Oxford University Press
30 June 2014

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Altglas, Veronique Author (2014) From yoga to kabbalah : understanding religious exoticism. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Altglas Veronique (Author). From yoga to kabbalah : understanding religious exoticism. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2014.