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The Governance of Clean Development: CDM and beyond

Grant reference: RES-066-27-0005

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Dissemination / Communication details

The governance of low carbon development
Peter drew lessons for the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) from the governance of technology transfer under the CDM. He suggested that many of the governance challenges will be similar and emphasised the role of power, participation, and the ways that governments can prioritise sustainable development benefits. He presented research indicating that technology transfer under the CDM has been limited to operational aspects of technological knowledge and suggested reasons for this including the lack of value attached to sustainable development and the question of who approves and evaluates technologies and institutions. Peter also suggested lessons for the TEC, including the role of local institutions in ensuring broad participation in technological priority setting, the additional governance challenges for small project developers and Less Developed Countries, and how governments can align national strategy with new and existing initiatives. Peter concluded with the statement that despite important differences, the CDM can provide lessons for the Technology Mechanism. One audience member disagreed on the basis that the CDM provides projects for established technologies, rather than cutting edge new technologies.

Primary contributor

Author Peter Newell

Bodies involved

Organising body University of Sussex
Host Durban Exhibition Centre
Organising body Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands

Additional details

07 December 2011
07 December 2011
Other oral presentation
Participants in research; Policymakers/parliamentarians


Newell_the governance.pdf (.pdf / 841kb)