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A Passport Home: The significance of belonging in the Comoros, Zanzibar, the UK and France

This project will look at some of the less economic motivations for migration and mobility among people who can claim attachments to, and who are familiar with a number of different places. Personal obligations, religion, a quest for a better education, a desire to live with family or, simply homesickness are all reasons for mobility.

The case study is a group of Comorian Zanzibaris who move between East Africa and Europe; in particular, the project will examine how their motives for moving between the different places to which they are attached are underpinned by and contribute to ideas of home and belonging.

The project will deepen our understanding of migratory processes which are not predominantly economic in character. It will look at the emotional and personal contexts that frame mobility, and at the legal constraints and opportunities afforded by belonging in several different places at once.

The research will be carried out by interview and participant observation in the UK, in the Comoros, in Zanzibar and in France, places on these people's trajectories that are important to them and which help shape their identities and, indeed, where many of them live, at least for the moment.

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Speaker: Iain Walker Date: 03 December 2012 Dissemination / Communication