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Organisations, Innovation and Security in the Twenty-First Century.

Professor Farrell's fellowship covers three linked projects which collectively explore how states organise for war and to secure homelands, and how non-state actors organise to compete with states.

Project 1 examines the transformation of  British, French and US armies in line with the global IT revolution and national military cultures. War is also an engine of change, and coalition forces have learned much from operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The dynamic interaction of top-down programmes of transformation and bottom-up processes of military learning in Britain and the United States will be a major theme of this project.

Project 2 looks at how NATO is adapting to new operational challenges. This project surveys the ideas NATO officers hold about the changing character of operations and required capabilities, and examines how NATO as an institution is reforming for its new global intervention role.

Project 3 is the main project of the fellowship. It seeks to produce the definitive study on organisations and security. Inter-disciplinary theory shall be developed to explain how organisations evolve and operate as rational, resource-driven and cultural systems. Then cases organisations in the security field shall be examined, including armies and alliances, and also security services, insurgencies and terrorists.