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Collaborative Visiting Scholarship for Jae-Kwang Kim to visit Chris Skinner

This Visiting Scholarship will enable Dr Jae-Kwang Kim (Iowa State University) to visit Professor Skinner at the University of Southampton during summer 2011 to undertake collaborative research. This research will be concerned with methods for analysing sample survey data in the presence of data quality problems.

Professor Skinner has been awarded an ESRC Professorial Fellowship entitled 'Enhancing the Use of Information on Survey Data Quality' between 2010 and 2013.

The fellowship will develop methodology to enable researchers to take more effective account of data quality problems when analysing survey data.

The Visiting Scholarship will be linked to the fellowship and will build on Dr Kim's areas of expertise, in particular imputation methodology. Imputation is an approach to handling the problem that some items of survey data may be missing, for example because a survey respondent refuses to supply this information.  Imputation replaces these missing values by imputed values. There is now well-established statistical methodology for how to take account of the fact that some values have been imputed when undertaking analyses of the resulting data.

This collaborative research will consider how to develop this methodology to address some other kinds of data quality problems with survey data.