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Exploring The Role of Management Consultancies in Innovating Management Practices

  • Start date: 01 October 2009
  • End date: 31 December 2011

Management innovations such as BPR or TQM have provided businesses with novel ways to achieve efficiency savings and quality improvements. Management consultancies play a central role in creating and diffusing management innovations and embedding them in client organisations. However, over the last few years there has been growing evidence that innovative practices in management consultancies are under pressure and that this may be having an impact on the performance of consultancies and their clients.

This research project aims to understand how innovative management practices are generated through consulting interactions with client organisations and other institutions. Specifically, the research will seek to:

  •  understand what consultants and their clients mean when they talk about innovative management practice
  • explore how stakeholders understand innovative practices to have changed, and why
  • understand how consultants work with clients and other stakeholders to generate and diffuse locally effective management practices
  • explore the role of stakeholders such as representative bodies, networks and government agencies in enabling and constraining these processes
  • build an integrated theoretical framework to better understand how management innovation occurs in consultant / client interactions.

This will be achieved though case-studies, interviews and participant observation in innovative client / consultant interactions.