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Spaces of stem cell science: exploring processes of translational research

Grant reference: RES-350-27-0001

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Temporality and prudence: on stem cells as ‘phronesic things’
In this paper we explore the temporalities entailed in scientists’ accounts of their research into the use of human embryonic stem cells (hESC) to develop beta cells for the treatment of diabetes. Stem cell scientists, by virtue of working in what is still a controversial field, find themselves engaged with a variety of more or less transparent futures, or more or less cogent expectations, about the trajectories of their research. In this paper, we initially examine a number of dimensions to these futures. At the formal level, we consider, in contrast to much of the sociological literature on futures and expectations which has primarily focused upon the perfomativity of futures that are concrete, transparent or well-articulated, futures whose import lies in their very opacity, vagueness or immanence.

Primary contributor

Author Mike Michael

Additional contributors

Author Steven Wainwright
Author Clare Williams


stem cell science, phronesis, epistemic things, time, ethics

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Johns Hopkins University Press
01 January 2007