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Spaces of stem cell science: exploring processes of translational research

The project develops our ESRC research on stem cell transplantation for diabetes and liver disease, which explored the sociological themes of ethics, expectations, the body, and science studies. This new research focuses on 'disease in a dish' approaches to stem cell translation (ie stem cells as tools for unravelling mechanisms of disease and for drug development) in the fields of neuroscience and diabetes, through a programme of research with six interrelated objectives which:

  • Explore views from the bench and the bedside on risk, stem cells, and cell transplantation.
  • Use Bourdieu's concepts of field, habitus and capital, as a novel way of understanding stem cell science and translational research.
  • Examine the spaces of stem cell science, and develop a stream of research on the geographies of stem cell research and translational processes.
  • Investigate neuroscientists' expectations of stem cell science, particularly the differing speeds of translation of embryonic, fetal and neural stem cells from the lab to the clinic.
  • Study models of stem cell science, particularly 'cell transplantation' and 'disease in a dish' as competing paradigms of translational research.
  • Compare and contrast scientists' views of stem cell science and translational research in California and the UK.
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