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The IVF-Stem Cell Interface: a sociology of embryo transfer

  • Start date: 01 March 2007
  • End date: 31 May 2009

As the social life of the human embryo has become more complex and multi-faceted, so it has acquired increasingly elaborate public, visual, legal, scientific, medical and regulatory dimensions. This project examines both the unique history of public debate about embryos in the UK in the post-war period, and their newfound importance in the context of stem cell research. Combining interviews with scientists, politicians and clinicians involved in the production of the UK's historic legislation governing human fertilisation and embryology with a sociology of embryo transfer in the contemporary context of human embryonic stem cell derivation and banking, the project combines theoretical and practical aims.

  • Outputs (45)
Genetic bodies

Creator: Sarah Franklin Date: 18 August 2009 Seminar/workshop

Analogic return

Creator: Sarah Franklin Date: 18 August 2009 Presentation/lecture