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Going Nuclear? Exploring the multi-level politics of including nuclear energy in a low carbon future

There has been a resurgence of interest in expanding the use of nuclear power in both developed (especially in the UK and US) and developing (most notably in China, Japan, India and South Korea) countries as an energy source.

The seminar series on ‘going nuclear’ is structured into three invigorating ‘seminar weeks’ on the following themes: low carbon politics and nuclear energy, the Global and European politics of nuclear energy and national (and local) politics and nuclear energy. Each week offers an evening public debate on Monday and Wednesday from key well-experienced personalities from government, academia, business and NGOs. They are, firstly, designed to ignite public interest in the consequences of linking nuclear energy to the low carbon agenda. Secondly, the public debates sets up each Friday as an intense day of academic and non-academic debate. Postgraduate, early career and more established academic papers and non-academic position papers from business, NGOs and policymakers are then presented and discussed in throughout Friday morning and afternoon.

The seminar series is correspondingly extensive in the range of participants and disciplines (including business, politics, law, geography, science and technology) as well as comprehensive in the expertise on offer.

Britain in 2013

Author: Darren, Andrew McCauley Date: 05 November 2013 Newsletter


Author: Darren, Andrew McCauley Date: 05 November 2013 Journal article