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Centre for Russian, Central and East European Studies

Grant reference: RES-580-28-0009

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Organised event details

CRCEES summer school : aspects of identity & culture
(Theme: Aspects of Identity and Culture) The Summer School was co-organised by CRCEES and its international partner the Region’ Scientific Research Centre, Ul’ianovsk State University, in conjunction with the Centre for Independent Social Science Research, St. Petersburg. The programme incorporated a comparative, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approach to addressing the theme: ‘Aspects of Identity & Culture’. A total of 23 students attended the summer school: 12 UK-based students (11 of which were drawn from CRCEES partner institutions), 7 Russian students, 2 Romanian students, and 1 student each from Belarus and Poland. The 8 tutors included 4 from the CRCEES network, 2 from CRCEES’ Russian partner institution - Region’ Scientific Research Centre, U’lianovsk State University - as well as representatives from Samara State University, the European University at St Petersburg, and our host institution TsNSI. We also welcomed guest speakers Father Chris and Elena Hill.

Primary contributor

Organiser Rebecca Kay

Additional contributors

Organiser Jonathan Oldfield

Bodies involved

Organising body Centre for Independent Social Science Research
Organising body Region Scientific Research Centre
Organising body University of Glasgow

Additional details
07 July 2008
St. Petersburg, Russia
20 July 2008