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Reconsidering Detachment: building an exploratory network

The aim of the project was to build an international network of scholars working on the topic of "detachment". Concerns with "engagement" have in recent decades become central to a range of academic disciplines, and to public life more broadly. This shift has arguably led to a more inclusive vision of academic knowledge. However it has also led academics to overlook how detachment can be valuable in various social, religious and scientific contexts.

This project brought together a range of people whose work illuminates these issues. At the heart of this project was a small group of early-career social anthropologists who have been studying detachment in diverse contexts. It enabled us to  establish a network involving people working on similar themes in other countries and disciplines.

The project comprised three main activities: 

  1. organising a panel at a large international conference
  2. putting together a larger interdisciplinary conference
  3. building an online network. [note: at the time of application, the strategic challenges had not been defined.

This project touches on a range of topics, hence our selection of multiple challenges below]