Working together to deliver our strategic goals

9 March 2011

We would like your views on the development of our three priorities.

The ESRC's Strategic Plan 2009-2014 identifies an ambitious agenda for the social sciences, set out in the format of seven cross-cutting challenges that are of an enduring nature. Following the publication of our new Delivery Plan 2011-2015 we have sharpened our focus with the introduction of three priorities:

  • Economic Performance and Sustainable Growth
  • Influencing Behaviour and Informing Interventions
  • A Vibrant and Fair Society

These are rooted within the existing seven challenges, and therefore reflect the longer-term issues for social sciences as a whole that were identified through a process of consultation in 2008.

The three priorities will provide a focus for maximising the impact from our existing portfolio of research, resources and training investments, realigning the activity of investments working in relevant areas and directing a proportion of our budget towards new activities. However, we also remain committed to supporting the best ideas generated by the research community through our responsive-mode funding opportunities, which are not directed.

The consultation on refining these priority areas has now ended. You can read more about the consultation and its outcomes in the About ESRC section.