Criminalising Contagion: Seminar 1/4

Location: Wide Lane Pavilion, University of Southampton Sports Ground, Wide Lane, Eastleigh, SO50 5PE. Google map of SO50 5PE.
Date: 7 January 2013, 10.00-17.00
Theme: Legal and Ethical Challenges of Disease Transmission and the Criminal Law

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For many people the criminal law might appear to be an appropriate tool for punishing and deterring those who transmit diseases and infections. But the use of criminal law to respond to infectious disease transmission has implications for a number of professional and public organisations. It involves a potentially difficult relationship between the organs of criminal justice and public health bodies, whose agendas and priorities may not necessarily coincide.

The aim of this series of four seminars is to bring together a broad spectrum of expertise to advance knowledge on law and policy on the topic of criminalising disease.

Audience members will benefit from participating in multi-professional, multi-disciplinary events. You will be able to learn from healthcare workers, academics, charities and lawyers, as well as offering your own opinions.

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