Reframing Resolution: Managing Individual Workplace Conflict, Seminar 2

Location: University of Central Lancashire, Preston
Date: 12 December 2012
Theme: Resolving workplace disputes: employee voice, engagement and representation

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Seminar details

This is the second seminar in a six seminar series.

Confirmed speakers will include:

  • Dr Andy Charlwood, University of York
  • Richard Dunstan, Social Policy Officer, Citizens Advice
  • Professor Ralph Fevre, University of Cardiff
  • Paul Nowak, Head of the Organisation and Services Department, TUC
  • Dr Peter Samuel, Nottingham University Business School
  • Dr Gemma Wibberley, University of Central Lancashire
  • Steve Stott, Regional Manager, Unison

Currently there are concerns surrounding the perceived increase in individual workplace conflict. Conflict resolution has become a crucial issue for policymakers and practitioners.

This seminar series brings together academic researchers to explore innovative conceptual approaches and new empirical data in relation to workplace dispute resolution and the management of conflict.

The series is supported by Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS); Acas; Confederation of British Industry (CBI); Trades Union Congress (TUC); British Chambers of Commerce (BCC); the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and a number of mediation providers (CMP Resolutions, Consensio Partners and the TCM Group).

It will also draw on the experiences of practitioners and policymakers to share knowledge and identify new approaches to conflict management and resolution. 

The seminars will develop new theoretical insights into individual workplace conflict. They will also examine the way in which organisations manage conflict, enabling best practice to be shared.

The potential of alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation will be assessed to facilitate learning. Furthermore, international speakers will offer insights into different practices. The series aims to contribute to policy and practice, define a future research agenda and develop new networks.

This is the first time in the UK that academics, practitioners and policymakers will be encouraged to come together to discuss individual workplace conflict and resolution.

Seminar schedule

Further information

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