The Big Society, localism and housing policy, Seminar 1/3

Location: University of Sheffield - ICOSS building, 219 Portobello Road, Sheffield, S1 4DP
: 7-8 March 2013

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Seminar details

This is the first in a series of three seminars.

'The Big Society' and 'localism' have become buzz words since the formation of the coalition government in 2010, and their influence can already be seen in housing policy and practice in the UK. This varies, however, depending on how devolved administrations and local authorities use their powers and budgets.

Devolving power downwards may therefore lead to greater divergence in housing policy than we have seen under devolution so far. A key aim of this series is to understand the varied geographical impact of these ideas. 

The audience will learn about, and exchange ideas relating to, the latest research and theories about the role of housing in new planning and Big Society policy agendas, and their impacts on communities throughout the UK. The seminars will seek to benefit policymakers and practitioners and to disseminate findings. They offer an opportunity to extend existing working relationships and to establish new ones.

The event brings together leading scholars at the cutting edge of research to explore the latest issues and debates in the emerging fields of housing, localism and the Big Society across the UK.

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