The role of diagnosing health and wellbeing, Seminar 1/5

Location: University of Exeter, Reed Hall, Streatham Drive, University of Exeter Streatham Campus, Exeter, EX4 4QR. Google map of EX4 4QR.
Date: 28 January 2013, 9.30-16.30
Theme: Diagnosis, technologies and innovation

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Seminar details

Contemporary Western medicine is deeply intertwined with technologies to facilitate its major functions: detecting, diagnosing, treating and preventing disease and disorder. This seminar explores how new technologies change the way diseases are categorised, understood and responded to by physicians, patients and members of the public. Technological innovations can also alter traditional locations of diagnostic work (e-health) and blur distinctions between health and disease, through a focus on 'at risk' categories. Accordingly, the drivers of such innovations and the governance challenges they pose are also important themes of this event.

Key speakers include:

  • Andrew Webster
  • Sally Wyatt
  • Katie Featherstone.

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