International volunteering and global citizenship

9 December 2010, London

This seminar is the second in a series of three seminars focusing on 'Youth Volunteering'. The aim of the seminar is to encourage an exchange of knowledge and ideas between academic research and policy and practice, helping to ensure that research findings on youth volunteering are disseminated, applied and acted upon amongst organisations that involve and support volunteers and in projects with young people. Furthermore, the seminars aim to encourage the utilisation of research by policy makers in government.

The purpose of the seminar is to investigate a number of questions including: 

  • Who are the young people who volunteer overseas, what do they do, what motivates them, and how has this changed over time?
  • What drives host and donor organisations to support young people to volunteer overseas?
  • What is the impact of volunteering on the host organisations and communities, and how sustainable is their involvement?
  • Who is empowered by these volunteers and to what extent does it reinforce issues of neo-colonialism?

The emphasis of the seminar will be on interaction, active learning and personal knowledge exchange. The seminar will not only provoke thought and discussion on the day, but provide a step towards establishing a fruitful discourse that can be continued after the event.

The seminar series will be organised in collaboration with the Institute for Volunteering Research (IVR) in collaboration with Birkbeck, University of London.

Seminar agenda and presentations

Supporting publications